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WST 2017 – Science untraditionally

National Center for Popularization of Science and Technology in Society at CVTI SR for you annually prepares an event with a lot of science and technology experiences you do not recognize.

We are offering you some images from an interactive science and science exhibition Science untraditionally.

Author: Marián Zelenák, NCP S&T at SCSTI

WST 2017 – Design as a symbiosis of science and technology

Do you think the design is "just" a nice shape that offers something or does it perceive design as a way of expressing ideas? Both are valid, but it is not just about it. Design, especially industrial design, now offers us much more.

Author of the exhibition: Assoc Prof. Ferdinand Chrenka, Department of Design Studio of Industrial Design, Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Author of photos: Marián Zelenák, NCP S&T at SCSTI