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SCIENCE WITHIN REACH – your source of information about science in Slovakia

The science popularization portal SCIENCE WITHIN REACH offers a lot of news and fun information from the world of science and technology. On this website, you can discover everything about science, research, activities within this field and other interesting events happening in Slovakia.

Who is this portal for? What kind of information does it include?

This portal is meant for everyone interested in science and technology. It provides an overview of conferences for scientists, as well as information from Slovak universities and research facilities. For the general public, this portal provides articles and interesting event tips (festivals, lectures, sky observing etc.) on science and technology popularization. SCIENCE WITHIN REACH also offers a diversity of games and quizzes that you can use to train your mind.

The portal was created within the frame of the national project PopST – Popularization of Science and Technology in Slovakia. The goal of this project is to bring science closer to the general public in a fun and captivating way.

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